Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunny Deer resistant perennial borders

Here is a selection of hardy and easy to grow tried and true deer resistant plant combos. I have chosen 6 combination's that will fill approximately 32 sq ft, or a 4'x8' border. They can be repeated or mixed and matched to create a larger border, just measure your area and divide by 32 to see how many combo's you need. Each combo contains 16, 1 gallon plants that will cost approx $200. The larger size gives you a mature garden much better able to stand a test browse or two while your neighborhood deer learn there are better offerings down the block.
The first three plants go to the back of the border, or in the middle if it's a two sided bed. The single plant is a specimen in front of that, and the others are arranged, by height in front of that. If it's a two sided bed you only need to buy
the 13 plants remaining , after you re-use the first three plants that formed the back of the border.
Karl Foerster Calamagrostis x3

Pervoskia x1

Coreopsis yellow x3 (Moonbeam)

Nepeta x3

Salvia x3 (May Night)


Anemone japonica x3

Lupine (Russel Series) x1

Echinacea x3 (lots of exciting new varieties)

Iris x3 (bearded)

Shasta Daisy x3
Sedum Autumn Joy x3 (may be browsed)


Crocosmia Lucifer x3

Calla x1

Aconitum x3 (Monkshood)

Peony x3

Lavender x3

Yarrow ptarmica x3 (one of my new favorite plants)


Aruncnus dioicus x3

Monarda x1

Agapanthus x3

Gaillardia x3

Wallflower (lots to choose from I like Winter Orchid)

Scabiosa x3 (Butterfly Blue)

Joe Pye weed x3

Euphorbia wulfeii x1

Aster x3

Bergenia x3

Veronica gentenoides x3

Dianthus (Firewitch) x3

Foxgloves x3

Oriental Poppy x1

Echinops x3

Liatris x3

Sisyrinchium x3

Stachys x3

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Barbara said...

Nice selection of plants, thank you. Looks like there would be some foliage still remaining for winter.
I was wondering if the Erysium 'Winter Orchid' is as robust as 'Bowles' Mauve'ie., is it as hardy, large and clump forming?